Auto Transport and Repair

Brokers are employed because they have access to freight weight boards, where they can post the job and find carriers that contain vehicles resources in the area. They can also get lower shipping prices by getting competing bids by different carriers. However, brokerages and carriers are not always separate entities – a number of car transport companies handle both brokerage and transport. Many brokers belong to Collision Repair organizations like

A car transport broker is section of the personal vehicle freight business industry chain. In the U. S., these broker companies must have proper licensing and authority from the FMCSA to be allowed to broker vehicles for customers. The specific or business that needs to move a car or other vehicle is the shipper; the shipper contacts a broker to have their vehicle transported or transported. When a broker is booked, the broker’s job is to find a carrier, which is the individual or company that actually employs individuals and operates the car transport equipment.

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